A trip down the memories lane

3 min readNov 22, 2022

Most of the lists on my bucket list consist of going to places I have been to or doing things I have done but did not get to enjoy to the fullest, plus a list of places I want to visit and things I want to experience.

The past two months, I felt like going back to the past. It does not mean I visited my problems or regretted my decisions in the past, but I met with friends who filled my teenage life full of memories and visited the places where I grew up.

I did not know what the universe speaks to us but I felt our meetings were meant to be. After a portion or two of food that we really liked or miles of walking and transportation hopping, the conversation led to topics about dreams and weird pieces of stuff that we liked in this life.

I realized that once in a while strolling back to the past is just like a walk in the park. In spite of the lessons learned, the past is filled with joyful memories that bring smiles to our faces.

It’s amazing to see how people, places, and memories from the past can bring something to my present, that friends from the past can bring comfort, that places and experiences from the past can spark the same joy as it did. It’s amazing to know that you still can memorize all the corners of the places and keep them inside your head after 4 years and when you come back, you still remember every bit of memories in those places.

Maybe there were bad experiences in the past that we had encountered that time, but seeing them from this current time and place, it’s all smiles and laughs. No sadness, no tears.

It’s also amazing that visiting down the memories lane tells something to ourself, that you’ve been through a lot, you’ve dealt with many things, you’ve faced many fears and you’ve handled it so well that you are here now. A friend of mine told me, “You need to look back so that you can be proud of yourself now.” Maybe it was something that I did actually. Looking back what it was and reflecting with what it is today, so many things have been done and so many things that we can be proud of.

So here I am walking down that memories lane of my 2 months stay in Malaysia 4 years ago, of my schools time with friends, of the songs that remind me of my old band back in university.




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