The Song Did Nothing Wrong

2 min readFeb 14, 2022

Why does our favorite song trigger my memories about you?

I remember perfectly that night. We decided to stay at work late because one, you were waiting for me to get my work done; two, there was an unused speaker and two microphones that attracted our attention. After getting my work done and cleaning up the desk, we reached for the microphones and started picking songs to sing.

You picked a song that I did not know but I watched you sing as if you were born to be the vocalist of that song. It was a ballad, an Indonesian song. You told me the title of the song and asked me to listen to it so we could sing together next time. So I did — I turned on the song the second I’d gotten home and paid attention to the lyrics.

I did not know who this song was about or referring to but the longer I read the lyrics, the more my mind thought this song was about you, about us.

My life lights up because of you.

Every time we were together on a road trip, or just sitting next to each other, or I was just alone and in the mood of thinking of you in the middle of the night, I would always turn on the song and we’d sing together.

But now, I know what went wrong was us three months ago but the more I hear this song in public places accidentally, the more I say to myself that I hate this triggering song that I used to love as much as I loved you.

The song did nothing wrong.




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